What is Sqids?

Sqids (pronounced "squids") is an open-source library that lets you generate YouTube-looking IDs from numbers. These IDs are short, can be generated from a custom alphabet and are guaranteed to be collision-free. Read more .

This is what they look like:



Sqids for D is not ready [yet].

Please star the repo to move it up our todo list: https://github.com/sqids/sqids-d

If you'd like to help bring this version to life, there's an FAQ question on how to do that: How to port Sqids to another language?

If you're looking for the original Hashids D, you can find it here . Please note that it will not be compatible with the current algorithm once this version is done.

Why use them?

The main use of Sqids is purely visual. If you'd like to use IDs instead of numbers in your webapp, Sqids could be a good choice:

Use Cases

  • Link shortening Safe to use in URLs
  • Event IDs Collision-free encoding/decoding
  • One-Time Passwords Short & profanity-free

Not Good For

  • Sensitive data This is not an encryption library
  • User IDs Can be decoded, revealing user count


  • 🆔 Generate short IDs from non-negative numbers
  • Easy encoding & decoding
  • 🫣 Auto-generated IDs do not contain common profanity
  • 🎲 Support for custom IDs through shuffled alphabet
  • 😍 40 programming languages (20 using new design)
  • 📌 Every version produces the same IDs
  • 🍻 Small library with a permissive license

Example / Playground